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Our Story

We aren't some big fancy company with a huge warehouse and corporate headquarters. Actually, our own home IS that very place. But instead of dealing with hold music and suits, you get us. A husband and wife team (plus Shia) that decided one day to turn our living room into something of value by using it to "create"... and so we did. It started out with just two mug designs (that we were so stupidly proud of, by the way!), and it just took off from there... but it's where Mod Magic was born. 

At least, in the physical sense.

Truthfully, Mod Magic was born from my obsession with all things magical. Literally, anything that has to do with magic and whimsy... imagination... wonder... the stars and galaxies... pixie dust and fairies... spells and enchantments, books, stories, and worlds that exist only in dreams...

...you get the idea.

As you could imagine with that roster, AND my husband being British, I'm naturally a huge wizard fan as well. ;) The thing is though, I'm a huge fan, but I'm not 6. I would go to stores or shop online for things and see stuff that I would only wear to bed or around the house, because... God forbid anyone thought I was a 39 year old weirdo wearing snake patches and wielding a wand in public. LOL. Every time I randomly found a product, it was never something I would actually be able to wear without being terrified when walking out the door. Oh, the vanity, lol. So one day I decided to make what I WOULD wear, and that is why you're reading this right now.

Mod Magic comes from a true love for all things magical, and each product we put out is something I am so very proud of. Every single thing you see in the store is what I personally own and wear (out in public lol), and I love that I've been able to put a twist on the norm with our designs. I wanted to create things that were trendy and current... while still remaining super nerdy, but MUCH, MUCH cooler. ;)